Colonial Weaver

November 13,1740

Today at my job as a weaver.I started my day by carding so wool into flax.After that I spun the flax into yarn with my spinning wheel.Then I went outside to collect some indigo,walnuts,and heartwood so I can dye the yarn I spun.Then I went back inside to dye the yarn.Once I dye the yarn I started weaving it together with my loom.Weaving is really hard sometimes.The pattern I was using was complex and had to be perfect.I kept using the wrong color yarn.After I stopped using the wrong color yarn I started weaving the blanket I was making perfectly.Once I finally finished weaving the blanket.I was so happy to have it done.After that I started carding some more wool into flax for my next pattern.Then I got my stuff and I walked home after a long day of hard work.


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