My Halloween Story

One scary Halloween night,a group of friends were walking through a graveyard.While they were walking they looked back and saw a vampire chasing them.Then the vampire started to get closer to them.The group of friends started running as fast as they could.After that Jaidan tripped on a tombstone.So she hit her arm on the ground and screamed in pain owwww my arm!!!!!!!Then the vampire bite her on her neck and she turned into a vampire.Next Jaidan started chasing her friends through the graveyard.Finally her friends got away from Jaidan and the vampire.Later that night Jaidan’sĀ  friends turned her back into a human.Then KaDee somehow went missing.After that everyone started to go missing like Baylee,Natalie,and Jackson.That morning at sunrise everyone started to reaper.Then they all went back to Jaidan’s house.When they all got there.They saw a huge pile of all theirĀ  favorite candy on the floor.It took them 2 months to eat all of the candy.But now they know NEVER GO IN A GRAVEYARD ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT BAD THINGS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!