Colonial Weaver

November 13,1740

Today at my job as a weaver.I started my day by carding so wool into flax.After that I spun the flax into yarn with my spinning wheel.Then I went outside to collect some indigo,walnuts,and heartwood so I can dye the yarn I spun.Then I went back inside to dye the yarn.Once I dye the yarn I started weaving it together with my loom.Weaving is really hard sometimes.The pattern I was using was complex and had to be perfect.I kept using the wrong color yarn.After I stopped using the wrong color yarn I started weaving the blanket I was making perfectly.Once I finally finished weaving the blanket.I was so happy to have it done.After that I started carding some more wool into flax for my next pattern.Then I got my stuff and I walked home after a long day of hard work.


Who is William Bradford?

Became governor of the Plymouth settlement

Signed the Mayflower Compact

Wrote the Plymouth Plantation

Was a governor for 30 combined years

Was governor during the first Thanksgiving

Shared the first Thanksgiving with Squanto

Became known for journalism

Helped discover Plymouth Harbor

Predicted his own death

Started building the first house of the settlement on Christmas Day

That is William Bradford.

My Halloween Story

One scary Halloween night,a group of friends were walking through a graveyard.While they were walking they looked back and saw a vampire chasing them.Then the vampire started to get closer to them.The group of friends started running as fast as they could.After that Jaidan tripped on a tombstone.So she hit her arm on the ground and screamed in pain owwww my arm!!!!!!!Then the vampire bite her on her neck and she turned into a vampire.Next Jaidan started chasing her friends through the graveyard.Finally her friends got away from Jaidan and the vampire.Later that night Jaidan’s  friends turned her back into a human.Then KaDee somehow went missing.After that everyone started to go missing like Baylee,Natalie,and Jackson.That morning at sunrise everyone started to reaper.Then they all went back to Jaidan’s house.When they all got there.They saw a huge pile of all their  favorite candy on the floor.It took them 2 months to eat all of the candy.But now they know NEVER GO IN A GRAVEYARD ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT BAD THINGS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

9-11 Reflection

9-11 was very hard on the U.S.A and the day went down in history. When the first plane crashed into the North Twin Tower people thought it was an accident.But when the second plane hit the South Twin Tower people knew it was an attack on the country.A few minutes later a third plane crashed into the Pentagon.Hundreds of  people had already died and all of  the people on all three planes died on impact.People where being rescued from the Twin Towers.Later a fourth plane that was believed to be aimed towards Washington D.C. was hijacked,but the people on the plane came up with an idea to get back the plane from the hijackers.By throwing thing they had with them on the plane like hot tea,coffee,food trays,plates and other things.They fought hard but they finally got back control of the plane from the hijacker,and crashed into a empty field in Pennsylvania.By the end of the day the U.S.A was terrified and devastated.Here we are 17 years and September 11th is still a very sad and horrific day to never be forgotten.   

Pumpkin Patch

Today I am going to the pumpkin patch.I see ripe pumpkins everywhere that are many different shapes and sizes.Like small and round one.Some are big and tall.Some have long stems and short bodies.Because it’s fall I see leaves of different colors falling from the trees.Some of the pumpkins are lined up around the small red house.Well it’s time to pick out the perfect pumpkin.I hope to see you there.

Life in 5th grade

My life in 5th grade has been so much fun I love all my teacher.Especially Mrs.Ummel she is the best.She is so funny and nice.
Also all of my friends are in my class and I am so happy about it.I have learned so much like 9-11 and explorers in history.How to do pemdas in math.I’ve learned about life cycles in science.In reading I learned about contexts clues.I love 5th grade so far it is so much fun.I can’t wait to learn so much more this year.