9-11 Reflection

9-11 was very hard on the U.S.A and the day went down in history. When the first plane crashed into the North Twin Tower people thought it was an accident.But when the second plane hit the South Twin Tower people knew it was an attack on the country.A few minutes later a third plane crashed into the Pentagon.Hundreds of  people had already died and all of  the people on all three planes died on impact.People where being rescued from the Twin Towers.Later a fourth plane that was believed to be aimed towards Washington D.C. was hijacked,but the people on the plane came up with an idea to get back the plane from the hijackers.By throwing thing they had with them on the plane like hot tea,coffee,food trays,plates and other things.They fought hard but they finally got back control of the plane from the hijacker,and crashed into a empty field in Pennsylvania.By the end of the day the U.S.A was terrified and devastated.Here we are 17 years and September 11th is still a very sad and horrific day to never be forgotten.   

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